Elegant Jewellery Studio based its humble beginning on the passion of its Founder, Ms. Angie Ng. Angie is very passionate about jewellery making and designing. She has travelled all over the world to learn from top notch designers, she has sourced for materials from the most common of pearls to Mexican opals and black diamonds – the most expensive of its kind, and she is highly regarded by many as one of the experts in the industry … (read more)

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Feeling stressed? Frustrated? Exhausted? Don’t be! Come join us for a fun afternoon and we guarantee that your stress will melt away…


There’s no denying that children are the most creative people in this world. are often the ones that inspires the adult…


Never thought that jewellery making could be a corporate or team building activity? Think again!…


Aside from running our weekly & monthly workshops, we have also been out and about painting the town red while showering people with lots of joy through special events. We have been involved in property showcases, launches, kids’ activities, jewellery fairs and exhibitions.


“My children had a lot of fun learning how to make jewellery. Thanks to Elegant Jewellery Studio and Sydney Kan for the invitation. My kids really had a fun time learning the art of jewellery making.”

Linda Yee

Satisfied Parents of Children Jewellery Making Class

“Jewellery is definitely something that can make any women shine and I had the honor of showcasing some of the amazing handmade pieces from Elegant Jewellery Studio. Check out some of the handmade pieces made by Angie and how YOU can also learn to make your very own signature piece”



“I love jewellery! And to have such a variety of projects that I can do has been amazing, there’s always something new to learn! One of the nicest things about coming to class here is that it is very relaxing , It’s also a lot of fun… I invite you to come and try out Angie’s class, she’s very patient and a lot of fun.”


Professional Jewellery Making Student

“I love how by just learning the simple techniques, and you can use your own creativity to make your own design. The possibilities are endless with what you could make! I’m truly grateful that Ms. Angie is a very patient trainer. I highly recommend this to those who are interested in jewellery and to those who have always wanted to learn how to make jewellery. You’ll definitely have a good time because I know I did!”


Professional Jewellery Making Student

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