5 Trends This Christmas

This Christmas and holiday season, when parties and festivity is in the air, there’s more reason to dress for the occasion and come out in utter style. What better way to dress the outfit and take it up a notch than with spectacular accessories and jewelleries.
Moreover, as Christmas is also the season of giving, gift a loved one something they will be able to use and cherish. From lockets and necklaces to earrings, rings and bracelets-the wide range of exquisite jewellery collections and individual pieces showcased this season will make someone’s day a lot brighter. Here are the styles consumers will be searching for this holiday season.
Simple Stud Earrings

Simple stud earrings is on trend and keep the cost low for wearers. These are classic pieces without any dangling pieces. Knowing how to choose the right stud earrings for any occasion helps wearers finish off their outfits perfectly.


classic-light-natalie-fresh-water-pearl-necklaceSpeaking of pearls, the modern pearl trend has shown serious staying power and this gem is beyond perfect for any occasions or compliment any outfits. A baroque style pearl is another choice to suit fashion-forward wearer. Dress it up or dress it down!

Swarovski Zirconia

roundtennisbraceleglam3Zirconia is a high quality, durable, hard, and optically clear synthetic crystalline substance. It is a man-made material and usually colorless, but can be produced in a variety of different colors. Put this on this Christmas and get the most alluring look!

Tungsten Bracelet

A great accessory for any occasion for both men & women. It presents a high gloss finish that lasts. The strength and durability of tungsten makes tungsten bracelets nearly indestructible. Incredibly tough and scratch proof, Tungsten bracelet is the best choice for men.

White Gold Chain

White gold is an alloy (or mixture) of pure gold and some white metal(s) and often coated in rhodium. Most women wear white gold in replacement of yellow gold as it adds a touch of sparkle to their outfits. With its stunning and exquisite appearance, it serve as a perfect gift this Christmas!

5 Top Gems

Although scattershot supply and fluctuate demands create challenges for the sector, gemstones continue to do well with today’s consumers.


downloadThe most precious and valuable blue gemstone. This traditional blue hue of this variety of corundum remains a top seller, though fancy-colored sapphires have been surging in popularity. Most-liked due to its excellent color, hardness, durability and shine.


Paraiba Tourmaline

paraiba_021_oval_imageThis gem is rare and glowing from the inside out. This gem’s vibrant blue/blue-green hue, which comes from the presence of copper, continues to catch the eye of consumers. Commonly found in the classic country of Brazil.



imagesThe ruby is well known as a deep red gemstone and crystal. This fem is considered the queen of stones as its Fine color and quality rubies remain as en vogue now as throughout history. Act as a secondary gems that complement other stones like diamonds.



Emeralds are a medium to darker green to blue-green and sometimes slightly yellowish-green beryl is a mineral species that includes aquamarine. This gem is rare. Most Emeralds are highly included with surface breaking fissures, so their toughness, or resistance to breakage, is usually classified as generally poor.


Fireworks. Jellyfish. Galaxies. Lightning. Opal’s shifting play of kaleidoscopic colors is unlike any other gem. Opal is one of the most spectacular gemstones and with their unique patterns and colors, opals have become a favourite.