5 Creative Ways to Wear A Brooch

A brooch is another way to add some sparkle to an outfit and is traditionally worn on clothes such as jackets, shirts, dresses, sweaters or even hats.

You can be creative with a beautiful brooch without spending too much as most brooches are affordable.

Here, we will share some creative ways to wear a brooch.

1. Shirts, Blazers & Jackets. A fresh way to put some punch into your go-to, tailored black blazer is to add a playful brooch to the lapel. Most women love to place a brooch on their blazers for the purpose of dressing up the outfit. It can also serve as a closure for your blazers! It is also very popular to wear a brooch at the top of a blouse. You can also secure the t-shirt and blouse at the back of the waistline to give it some shape.


2. Around Your Neckline. Your neckline is the center of attention. A brooch can be surprisingly beautiful at the centre of a buttoned-up collared shirt and also at the “V” shape of the neckline. If your brooch is big, make sure your fabric can hold the weight.


3. On a plain dress. A brooch always works wonders regardless of whether it is worn on the left or right of your outfit; below the bust or at strategic locations like the waist, shoulder, etc. When used on a black dress, the outfit instantly becomes more stylish and presentable, adding style to a plain outfit.


4. Accessorize Your Scarf & Hat with a beautiful brooch. No matter how well you wear your scarf, it will slip off at some point. Secure it with the brooch and you can be stylish all day. That’s not all, the brooch goes very well on a hat too! When you turn your head, it will catch rays of light making it shine and sparkle.



5. Dress up a plain bag or purse. Pin up a sparkly brooch at the top corner of a plain bag or purse to give it an instant upgrade. You can even cover a small stain on your favourite bag with a brooch!


Get stylish and sophisticated with us and start wearing brooches today!

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