Basic Tools in Jewellery Making

Regardless of whether you are a professional jewellery maker or a beginner, you will be using the same basic tools in jewellery making. Using appropriate jewellery making tools not only stimulate creativity, it also will smoothen the progress of constructing your own designs.   These 3 basic tools are wire cutters, long nose pliers & flat chain pliers.

Cutters are usually used to cut T-Pins, different thickness tigertails and wires. It is better if you could invest in a good cutter as cheap ones may wear out quickly. Remember, place the flat side of the cutter closest to your jewellery piece for a closer & cleaner cut.

Flat chain pliers will help you in opening jump rings and finishing a wire-wrapped ends. Consider getting 2 units of these pliers when doing wireworks, where one is used to hold the wire while the other is used to shape it.

Round Nose plier is your best friend when making simple loops, nice smooth curves or other rounded wire elements. To get bigger loops, place your wire near the handles. Contrarily, make a smaller loop by placing your wire towards the tips. Place wire in the same position for consistently sized loops.


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