There’s no denying that children are the most creative people in this world. They are often the ones that inspires the adult to do something great, as their minds are not constricted by the limits and perimeters that the adults are accustomed to. In the education around the world, children’s creativity is the key focus of many institutions.

At EJS, we believe that creativity is something that can be cultivated from young and that can be easily achieved through our children’s jewellery workshop. Our workshops not only allow the kids to practice their fine motor skills, we also encourage them to learn to coordinate colours, and encourage their creative juices to flow.

Our public classes can be found at various locations.

Private classes or parties can be arranged with a minimum of 8 children. One instructor will be on site to guide the kids through the workshop which will last for about 90 minutes. Special party kits will be available for Birthday parties, which include invitation cards, gift bags and crowns for the birthday girl.

Starter kits can be purchased at RM99, RM199 and RM299 depending on their level of skills and interest.